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Hey I’m Adam and I am here to help you elevate your cooking game and show you some low carb and keto eats

Welcome to my low carb food blog for people who love food

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I am an engineer from Canada who loves to cook. As long as I can remember I have loved being in the kitchen. Growing up watching the Food Network, cooking with my family, perfecting and improving every recipe I came across. 


All the passion for food landed me about 100 pounds heavier than I would have liked (whoops).

Switching to a keto/low carb lifestyle was an obvious move for me to get myself back in control.

Adapting to low carb eating was a new cooking challenge for me, and a few years,and almost 100 pounds later. I have noticed others have a problem that I don’t. They don’t know what to cook and they lack variety.

It can be a bit overwhelming to have to worry about what to eat everyday, and many people end up eating the same thing day after day. So that is why I am here.

Let me worry about what to make for dinner, you just worry about cooking it! 

Together we can make some elevated Low carb food that will have us all saying “That was yummy for me”


Every week I share my low carb and keto friendly recipes, information about low carb and keto lifestyles, and cooking tips and tutorials to help you with your low carb or keto diet. 

What & Where

The recipes, and information you will find here helped me to go from 270 lbs to 180 lbs, and maintain the weight loss and lifestyle ever since.

  • Recipes: Low carb and keto friendly recipes for people that love food. 
  • Information and resources: Get quick answers to common questions about starting and maintaining low carb and ketogenic lifestyles

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